Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Damn the tax man...

Ok, we owe a BAZILLION dollars to the IRS. Because I still can't figure out our W-4s and perhaps I need to give up on TurboTax. Still. There's a new option where you can file whenever and have the IRS take out your payment automagically from your account at a later date. Like April 15th. And as of this morning, that money is still in our account. Yeah, yeah, Elaine, it's THEIR job to take it out, but this IS the IRS, and since we owe them said BAZILLION dollars, if they don't take it out, I see it as entirely possible that they'll charge us at least 10% of a BAZILLION dollars in penalties. AND due unusually large call volumes, I can't wait on hold, they told me to call back later. After I navigated their automated system for 5 minutes. Last year I sent them a check...but NO, I wanted my rebate done via direct deposit. They'll just use THAT for my penalties. BAH!
Update: Ok, I got through. OMG their hold music is FREAKISH loud. But at least it's good classical stuff. When I was on hold with TurboTax, they were playing bad instrumentals of 70s favorites. And no, there isn't a special line for paying money to the IRS.
Further Update: I spoke to a lovely woman who checked all my info, said it was in the system correctly and they should take our money sometime today. It's not the fault of the IRS...they just do what they're told by congress. Bastards.
Final Update: According to my bank, the withdrawl did take place on 4/15 under the heading "External Withdrawal IRS - / USATAXPYMT" GO USA! And just in case this looks like just another blog entry on the internet, this WAS my screen name and pic for the day.


Anonymous said...

Darlin', don't the IRS have a phone number you can call for help in paying them money?

Anonymous said...

actually all should push for the fair tax. fairtax.org. Happy belated birthday!!