Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Wiccans are coming, the Wiccans are coming!

Things you DIDN'T know about Wicca:

  • They're all about EVIL
  • They've only been around about for a few decades.
    Ok, there's controversy surrounding this, but I think most of them believe the roots are a LEEETLE bit older.
  • They go around laying ley lines
  • Shiva is an evil Wiccan goddess
  • Burning sage is an evil Wiccan practice
  • Snohomish County, Washington better BEWARE. It is RIFE with wiccans. First Snohomish County. Next, the world.

It MUST be true. We heard it on the grapevine. Wait, those are probably evil, too. The bastard Neil will probably know.

Update: What's all this mean? This lecture was delivered for NO apparent reason to a friend of mine who was sitting in her usualy spot having lunch. This friend happens to be a Wiccan. Seriously? NOT worth the effort to correct the lecturer. Sorry to those of you who find this vague. Cope.


Ravenwolf Goradorth said...

I am a high priest of three brother coven and not once have i been this insulted. Wicca is NOT and NEVER will conform to the left handed path and chooose to be evil. shiva is used as a coorespondance to correct the evil not join the ranks of the shadows. before you begin to judge one religion study it and study it with an abstract mind, otherwise you will find yourself in the same place as you are at now... i do not hold a grudge against this blog and blogger however ignorance can be corrected and you must become wise that wicca may be young but we are growing faster than christianity has in the past 1000 years ... if you wish to take this into a debate please email me @ for any questions or comments and feel free to do so.. i wont become offended *BLESSED_BE*

Debineezer said...

If you'd gotten around to reading the rest of my blog, you'd know this was a totally sarcastic entry meant to slam the idiot who said all these things. Wicca is not evil, and *I* didn't say it was.

I have no interest in debating you, thanks.