Thursday, April 24, 2008

Will you be my 'friend'? There’s Praizola in it for you.

This one is actually pretty old, but the commentary it deserves is epic. I was shopping around for a replacement for Trillian, the IM client I use for my work account. I ran across an OLD version of Praize, "the first ever Windows Instant Messenger for the global Christian community." Huh? I've been using HEATHEN clients. Or MAYBE Evil Wiccan ones! Yeah, that joke will get old, but it's not there yet.

Anyway, the description continues with the following abuses of quotation marks: The messenger will allow you to contact your 'friends' in real time, search the Web, transfer files and access various Christian 'channels' within the software.

Since I don't think I have any 'friends', being a Jew, I immediately asked Chris, an athiest if he'd be my 'friend' and sent him the link. He said it looked like Maize or Mazola (I honestly don't remember which), and it degenerated from there into Praizola! Made from the skins of REAL evangelical Christians! It's a good thing that neither of us believe in hell.

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