Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Refuah Shlemah, Senator Kennedy

Refuah shlemah is the Jewish request for healing. Whatever your politics, Edward Kennedy has devoted his life to public service and to doing what he understands to be right. Few survive in public office without a sincere belief in what they're doing, even if half the people in the country think they are raving idiots. There are exceptions, certainly.

Those who believe their opponents are idiots simply because they look at the same set of facts and draw a different conclusion make a dangerous assumption. The wise ones know differently. In the days of true statesmanship, this was often a given. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

Anyway, may G-d grant Senator Kennedy and his family the strength to face the trying days ahead.

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WilhelmCF said...

...the renewal of body, the renewal of spirit and let us say, Amen... Senator Kennedy does not need a renewal of spirit; he and his family have shown this country the meaning of spirit for over six decades starting with the sacrifice of Joseph Kennedy Jr in World War II. Still, we need pray for the renewal of his body. To that I say, Amen.