Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Go with god. Schmuck.

Source: Soylent Green

I picked this up in Scarecrow Video's RIP Charlton Heston section. Of course, I had to ask "What's that movie with the line 'Soylent Green is People?'" Duh. We just finished 12 Monkeys (because I'm trying to figure out why Brad Pitt is so rich and famous, but that's an entirely different subject). It's a good movie, post-apocalyptic and all. So, I thought we'd pick up a 35-year-old version of how it all goes horribly wrong.

We haven't watched much, but for 1973, it's eerie. Greenhouse effect and global warming being bandied about? In a Charlton Heston movie? I can't wait to finish. Anyway, Charlton's sidekick says this to him. It's beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't seen that movie in AGES. I really must netflix it and see it again!