Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm a bitch, ya know...

Well there's a big ol' bag of DUH! Here's some of the best of the bitchy archives.

Gee, you should have a specialist look at that.
Source: Debi’s sarcastic comment towards Mike’s injury
When Mike fell at work and used his arm to brace himself as he hit the ground. He went off to the occupational medical place and they couldn't figure out for the life of them why he couldn't extend his arm...essentially, after having every friggin' body looking at the arm,this is what they said. Turned out he pissed off a tendon, and then his wife by being stuck in the house for 10 days.

Why isn’t Rambo Dead?
Source: Apparently he was living of those southeast Asian countries
I was at Karaoke this weekend. Dom actually made the point that he liked Rambo IV better than the latest Indiana Jones picture because he didn't expect anything from Rambo. No accounting for taste, I suppose.

My shrink thinks I'm "irritable"...have we JUST met?!?
Source: Actual paraphrase of conversation with my long-time psychiatrist
Honestly, she said this. That I seemed "irritable". Me? Face it, some days I'm a bitch. Other days, I'm a TURBO bitch on steroids who hasn't had sugar or caffeine today. I'm not saying I'm not imbalanced, but can you really base it on irritablity??

It’s just a flesh wound
Source: Gabe’s head gash on Labor Day Camping Weekend
Ok, we took one of Jeremy's friends camping with us. He happened to be the son of someone I've spent a bit of time with as well. As the adults are setting up camp, the boys wander off. To the river. To throw rocks. And of course the borrowed kid gets his head gashed open. Much hilarity ensued. Strangely, neither mom nor child had much sense of humor about it.

$18.5 Million for an UGLY egg?
Source: Rare Faberge egg sells for $18.5 million
It's an ugly egg. I could buy SO many shoes for that much money. Enough said.

Cabin Pressure is overrated
Source: Debi’s comment on being forced to spend 6 hours in the SLC airport b/c they couldn’t pressurize the cabin
Honestly? I think we could have flown at low altitude and gotten back to Seattle faster.

Really? Dignity is something you’re concerned with?
Source: The Bastard Neil in response to someone saying "I don’t do shots. They’re undignified" after buying a round of shots for my Bachelorette Party
The. Bitchiest. Comment. Ever. It was like a wedding present or something. Best part? The Bastard Neil, who hadn't had much to drink at all, didn't remember making it. He's just that damned funny.

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