Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pretzels bad...torture GUD!

This will make the most sense if you have seen the Metallica vs. Napster video from May, 2000. It's not really work-safe, not that most of us haven't watched many things exactly like it at work.

Anyway, we were having a mostly serious discussion about who our current President hired on the advice of his father. Cheney for instance. I think I popped up with some comment about "If his dad could have only warned him about pretzels." Mike did the most AMAZING James Hetfield impression busting out with "Pretzels BAD. Torture GUD!" I laughed so hard, I got up from the table, stumbled into another room, and fell onto the couch in hysterics. My mother pulled a golden oldie out and just pointed at me and said...well, I'll save that for tomorrow now that I think of it.

Welcome back to Cannoli the Barbarian, fond grandmaternal memories to the Massucco clan, and Mazal Tov to the new Mrs. and Mr. Apostol.

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