Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time for a few more oldies

Danger could be my middle name, but it’s John
Source: Eddie Izzard, Glorious
You should watch some of his stand-up. No one can be uncheered by Eddie Izzard. And if you can be uncheered? Why exactly are you reading this?

Will you steal me a candy bar?
Source: One of the things Jeremy learned to say "No" to in an afterschool class

How hard can it be to blow up a room full of gasoline?
Source: Mythbusters

Can we try with real bullets now?
Source: Mathilda in Léon
I am a HUGE Natalie Portman fan. She is a hottie in the truest sense of the word. And I know that in this movie she was the 13. I do NOT care. I don't think she has ever been hotter. A 13-year-old sex kitten. Meow.

You look a little home-schooled.
Source: Six-Feel Under, 3rd Season

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