Thursday, August 28, 2008

I just had a shoegasm! Maybe two...

If you need shoes and live in Seattle? Go to the Nordstroms at Northgate and find Margarita. I won't buy shoes from anyone from her. I bought some $8 flats from Old Navy's website, but even she thought that was a steal. I've been buying from her for 3 or 4 years. The first time I bought from her, I'd been dismissed by another sales person an hour or so before and was feeling very dejected (it happens every other shopping trip). She got permission to take me down to the Size 11 shoe area (down in the pits of hell) and let me see every single shoe they had. I bought three pairs. Shoe whore? When I grown up and make $150K a year. But I can't buy anywhere else. No one else carries my size.

Anyway, Chris and Mercedes are having a much belated wedding reception tomorrow night and Mike and I went to find me a new dress and shoes. TERRIFIC dress that looks very similar to this but cost a lot more. And Mike made me pay full price because he said it was a WOW. He's right. It looks WAY better on me than in that picture. So I went off to see Margarita who is always SUPER busy even when other sales people are twiddling their thumbs. I showed her the dress and she brought out Enzo Angiolini 'Serious' Slingback Pump. I think I wept. I shoegasmed. Vavavoom! They're being stretched a tiny bit in the toes, and I'm praying I don't fall on my butt, though no one will be surprised if I do. As Deborah taught me to say, DAYUM.

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