Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'll show you how to turn a wrench, buddy.

And I quote: "Call me a skeptic, but you don't strike me as the wrench-turning type." The Bastard Neil has a lot of friggin' chutzpah making that kind of assumption. Just because I've never BOTHERED to own a car old enough that I could actually change the oil (or actually cared enough to spend my time doing it), doesn't mean I'm not willing and/or able should the need arise. Should the need arise to say, disassemble a mechanical bull and reassemble it in Neil's bedroom with a surprising likeness of John Travolta perched atop, I'm just the redhead to help pull it off. But what sort of assumptions does one expect from a guy who asks "What does RTFM mean?" and is then pedantic enough to tell me it's not actually an acronym, it's simply initials.


nunya bidness said...

hey, I warned you that there was a pedantic moment approaching. But never did I claim not to be lazy, and I really didn't give enough of a shit about knowing what RTFM meant to google it (especially when your Blackberry breaks up long winded text messages so I get RTF in one, followed by M).

Regardless, I'll still bet you don't know yer metrics from yer SAEs from yer Whitworths, no matter how much amateur carpentry you've managed without losing a digit.

I can't wait til I'm back in Seattle & you're pouring Booker Noe for me.

Debineezer said...

You just grab them and try them on until they fit, right? If it's a snug fit, nothing strips.

The beauty of being able to RTFM is that I don't have to keep any of this knowledge in my head. I can't tell you how much I've forgotten because I just didn't care enough to hold on. It's not like I can forget a Jimmy Buffett lyric to hold on to something useless like that.

Besides, taking apart a mechanical bull isn't rocket science. Believe it or not, I am able to follow directions given by those who prove themselves not to be morons.

Anonymous said...

Um... I checked, and Webster bears me out... an acronym IS "just initials".

So I'm confused!