Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is repetence inspiring?

While my blog entries are getting longer, the names don't seem to come to me with the same exciting frequency. Hrmmm...perhaps because I've been reading the same 4 books for two months? I shall have to consider this.

Anyway, Yom Kippur begins tonight. Perhaps I shall return with new vigor and inspiration...though I must admit in that arena I only have ennui and a few questions.

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Philip H. said...

Ennui and A Few Questions - sounds like a good day name - or a half pun, half reggae ensemble from Queens. Either way, it might be a catalyst in and of itself.

My catalyst today - soon to be a blog post - is a study I ran across today in JAMA while in the doctor's office. It turns out, dear readers, that a Presidential election is actually statistically more life threatening then a SuperBowl game. How's that for a question flowing from ennui?