Friday, October 17, 2008


After I told a mailing list that I'm on that Alice has chosen me as her person, my dear friend Rachel responded with the following: "Debi, *you* got a dog? Well, that is just LOL-arious."

I assure you that there was NO defensiveness in my town when I replied:
"All I'm saying is that it cost me $75 to get her a rabies shot and a certificate of health. $110 to get the top of the line doggie carrier delivered overnight (yeah, hush everyone). $125 to get her on the f*cking plane. And $93 to upgrade to "Economy Plus" on United (which I would have done anyway). BUT, I did not let my mother buy her a little cheerleader outfit. Spoiled rotten she will be, but she will retain SOME friggin' dignity I tell you. And I will ONLY put her in the pink camouflage t-shirt if I can't find something else (it's a hand-me-down).

"If the economy gets any worse, I'm going to have sell my husband to support my pet habit. "

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