Thursday, November 06, 2008

Experimenting with nutritional suppositories again?

Source: The Big Bang Theory

Nope, turns out the asexual Sheldon just found a minion who was getting him breakfast.

In other news, the picture above is of the Rectal Rocket Suppository, a breakthrough in hemmorhoid treatment. What, you ask, makes it so special? Well, my two favorites are that it doesn't get lost in the rectum allowing it to treat both internal AND external hemmorhoids simultaneously. And it has a special grove allowing you to fart. Always an important concern.

I'm glad I could bring you the news.

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nunya bidness said...

There's a restaurant along I-5 in Kelso that proclaims "17 toilets!" on its highway sign. That's a draw? Seems like it translates to something along the line of: You'll love our food so much you'll shit. Shit yourself to death...

This seemed like an appropriate place to bring that up, what with the timing of your post. I'd have taken a pic, but stopping on the interstate shoulder in a downpour just isn't all that appealing.