Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Black rain clouds never eat honey no not a nip...

Of course, this all starts with
I'm just a little black rain cloud,
hovering over the honey tree
I'm just a little black rain cloud,
Pay no attention to me

No, I'm not feeling black or rainy, but as I was being the queen of washable piddle pads last night this song kept going through my head. It's from Disney's Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree which I did not know until I just Googled it. What did we do before Google? And washable piddle pads?

Ah, someone's gonna comment on that. You see Alice, that 6 pound bundle of doggie joy that 2 months ago I would not have acknowledged as an actual dog, is a wee petite flower, kinda like me. Here in deepest, rainiest Seattle, well, the wet and rainy grass sorta brushes the girls nether regions if she goes outside to do her bidness. Which she does not do. She is box trained. Honest to Pete. But Lil' Miss Petite Flower had delicate paws, or so she seems to say with her upturned nose when I tried to put litter in her box. Piddle pad are her preference. And there's NO WAY I'm going to buy those disposable things. So, a trip to a couple thrift stores, $15 worth of old towels and flannel sheets, and voilĂ ! Ok, so I had to cut 'em and sew 'em too. Hey, she's cleaner than those damned cats is ALL I'm saying!

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