Friday, January 16, 2009

Snark of my caliber is hard to come by...

By and large, the customers of my company are great. Honestly, we never hear from most of them. But being in the group with Technical Support, I'm right near the front lines. I came to terms a long time ago with the fact that most users are NOT the morons they seem, but they're using a tool they may or may not want to us to get a job done. The tool may or may not make their particular job easier. They just want it to WORK DAMN IT. And thus, the interaction with my fabulous Tech Support coworkers begin.

SOMETIMES, you will interact with a customer who resistent to logic. Yeah, we'll go with that. Sometimes it gets escalated to me if I'm running a particualar project. After I try to nicely explain why their suggestion is idiotic, erm, I mean, doesn't actually match with our software functionality, they usually thank me for being so helpful and then let us fix it.

THEN? There are those who KEEP PUSHING THE POINT. Those? Get sent to the account executive. Oh, we're still there, it's just not, shall we say, our responsibility to beat the shit out of them so we can beat some sense into them. And anyone who has EVER met me outside of a customer-facing work enviroment is already shaking their heads that Debi could be tactful to a customer. Yeah, and they like me, too.

Anyway, we threw one of these instances over the fence to Kevin the other day for to set up a call that the customer wanted. I am assuming that this was so he could rehash for the 17th time that he wanted us to break our software so he could do the wrong thing with his coding. Kevin asked if I wanted to be part of the call, and I pointed out that while my snark is extremely high quality, post-call sarcasm is of limited corporate value.

In other news, Lily is here and damn is she full of piss and vinegar. However, Mycroft bitch slapped her into last week, so she'll have time to do it all again. Pictures soon.

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Philip H. said...

Ah Mycroft - I almost miss that fluffy spawn of the damned.