Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sodoku: The Cheese Doodle of Brain Food

Source: Comment by Ernie as reported by Chris

Not a big Sodoku fan myself. I'll do it, but only if I've got nothing else to waste my time with, frankly. That doesn't mean I'm looking down on you. I do my own time wasting logic problem type puzzles. Just means mine are more obscure. And don't have their own "For Dummies"....erm...yeah, they do. Never mind. I do Kakuro. Only I've called it Cross Sums all my life.

Anyway, this takes NOTHING away from the fact that Ernie is a funny guy. And he listens to an INORDINATE amount of my bitching and moaning lately when it comes to the two projects that consume 98.3% of my working brain, the other 1.7% being consumed by figuring out when I'm going make it to Starbucks next. If you ask me, things are definitely out of kilter at the moment.

Update 1: Actually, someone with whom I work has brought it to my attention that the network, erm, um, overseers, have locked out access to yet another website from within the hallowed walls of our fine company. Having my own run-ins with them lately, I will admit to them taking up a couple of percentage points, though it would be hard to quantify since most of my run-ins have to do with one of the projects. I feel the annoyance, though. And marvel that no one in the Microsoft IT department feels the need to block access to ANY website out there.

Update 2: PUPPIES. Technically, yes, they're both still puppies. And they're actually quite happy together less than a week after Lily's arrival. In fact, my morning game of "Cujo" with Alice was co-opted by Lily. Actually, I think Alice just gave it to her. Little traitor.

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