Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tito, Get me a Tissue

Source: Eddie Murphy's Delirious from 1983

It's a damned good thing I brought this home. Horton Hears a Who! was a total bust and Gena, Mike and I decided to turn it off after 42 minutes. Our copy of Wall*E wasn't playing right. Gena has NO interest in seeing 28 Days Later... (which once Mike and I saw it, we didn't much either). So, that left some Eddie, which had been upfront in the 1983 section at Scarecrow.

I must have seen that a dozen times when I was, erm, yeah, that would be 12. I still laughed uncontrollably. It has the classic Ice Cream routine and the Family BBQ schtick. But I think my favorite part is always the mom with the shoe. The man was 22 years old. Dayum.

Anyway, I'm going to rent Raw someday soon along with getting back to some classic Richard Pryor. Oh, and Eddie Izzard. Gotta watch some Eddie Izzard soon.

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