Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why do I feel like I’m the one who just got the prostate exam?

The Big Bang Theory

I didn't write down who said this. Seems like it had to be Leonard. Who knows. I started Thursday so VERY happy. Eventually? The idiots, morons, and plain lazy ass folks have gotten me down. No, not you Kathy. At least YOU are cute when you "forget" to do something. Oh, and you grovel.

Anyway, the project that has been ruling my life of late is going live on Monday. At least that's the party line. And I am so DAMNED happy I could skip. Apparently, telling my boss that I was frustrated and doing the happy dance gave him strange images in his head. *shrug*

But, I've been sitting. A lot. And yeah, yeah, I don't have a prostate. If you do? You don't have a cervix.

By the way, finding an image for this quote was, erm, graphic. Wow. Google "Prostate Exam" in the images search. That's just...hanging there...

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