Thursday, March 26, 2009

OW! means OW!

Annoyed comment to Mike
I am an only child. I had an estranged step-sister I saw for about 2 weeks of my childhood. I think I have 5 step-sisters now, but that's only in the last 2 years.

As such, I never had anyone to rough house with growing up. My husband grew up with 3 older brothers. He had plenty of opportunity for rough housing. So, I take every opportunity to try to take him on in wrestling and my favorite, towel fighting.

Given that I have several pounds on him, he's obviously better at the wrestling thing as we're ALMOST evenly matched. When he puts his mind to it, I don't stand a chance, but usually he's a good sport since it obviously means so much more to me.

Towel snapping? No. Me? I suck at this game. Does this stop me from trying? Every time? No. Why? Because I am OBVIOUSLY a complete moron. I'm blaming my lack of depth perception for my suckitude. Which means I blame my mom. But anyway.

I can occasionally get in a good snap, but it's entirely luck, and I probably run 20%. And by "good snap" I mean it stings him momentarily. He ALWAYS retaliates and he's good. He's got the mojo. He once snapped Jeremy on the butt. The boy had a 2" DARK PURPLE welt instantaneously. Which we saw as we picking the poor kid up off the floor.

My theory is, I get in a few really pointless snaps and when Mike retaliates he gets in a few GOOD snaps. I scream OW! which is seldom a lie and he should call it even, right? No. He's right, I deserve no sympathy. I never learn. But damn it, when he connects, I welt, I bruise, I HURT. Son of a bitch got me in the finger last night. I'm not denying that I've got it coming, but he's a push over, damn it.

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