Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Damned Little White Pill

I take between 30 and 40 pills a day. Almost entirely supplements because of the reconfiguration of my gastrointestinal system a few years back. I put them all in a pill case so I can take them in the morning and the evening. The number of pills fluctuates based on dosages and prescriptions and whether or not I remembered to pick up Red Rice Yeast when it emptied.

Anyway, there's always an escapee. I take the 10 - 15 pills, toss them in my upturned mouth, and chase it down with the closest liquid. At least 2 out 3 handfuls has an escapee. If I'm lucky, it just heads for my shirt and gets lodged between...well it gets lodged, but it's easy to retrieve. But usually, it bounces off some part of my body and hits the floor. And I mean bounces.

It used to be one of the little green iron pills. Mike would find them any time he swept or vacuumed. Now, it's the little white pills. I was taking 4 each morning (two different prescriptions) and there were ALWAYS white pills hiding on the floor. Now, I'm down to one little white pill, but that's still the one that manages to escape. I can get down on my stomach and still not see it. I'm blind as a bat.

Strangely, pills are the only thing that the dogs don't seek and consume, which is awfully convenient given that I'd rather Lily chew on my cell phone case than one of my pills.

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