Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What we have here is a failure to communicate

Cool Hand Luke

I have a secret shame. I don't like classic movies. You know, the ones you're supposed to have seen because they're cultural touchstones? Too often, by the time you sit down to see them 30 years after they've been released, you already know pretty much everything you need to know about the movie. Deliverance? Well, I already knew Ned Beatty needed to squeal like a pig. Soylent Green? Yeah, it's people. Midnight Cowboy? Sorry, still don't know what the point of that was...the list goes on. Screwball comedies? Bring 'em on. Musicals? Hell ya! ANYTHING with Cary Grant with maybe one or two exceptions is on my watch list. "Culturally Significant" stuff? Not so much.

However, we watched the original of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Mike had rented the new Keanu Reeves version and wanted to see the original. Strangely, I found it unopened downstairs, so we watched. It wasn't bad, but it made me want to see more Patricia Neal. She was in Hud which I put on hold at the library and it occurred to me I'd never seen any of Paul Newman's stuff. Ok, I saw Butch Cassidy when it came out (I think I was 4) and I saw Cars, which doesn't count.

Anyway, I put a few things on hold at the library, and we watched Cool Hand Luke tonight. It wasn't a fast paced was kind of languid and a little subtle. The breaking of Luke reminded me a lot of Jack Nicholson's character in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Ok, so that movie didn't suck, but it wasn't as good as the book. This one may or may not be worth watching for you. George Kennedy won an Oscar, and that worked for me.

I'm glad I saw it. I'm not sure I'll love the other stuff I've got coming from the library, but I'm willing to give it a chance. Got anything I should see?

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Anonymous said...

You should see Forbidden Planet.