Friday, June 19, 2009

I've always wanted to be a euphemism

Comment to Chris after becoming aware of my IM classification

For those of you who live your life on IM, you might know that you can put together groups. Personally, I have a "main" group that lives at the top of both of my programs, and then I have various groups below based on how important it is to see you without scrolling. I only have two groups in my personal IM, but seven or eight in my work IM.

Chris doesn't close his IM window when no one is talking. Weird to me, because I ALWAYS want things to GO AWAY off my desktop. Anyway, I walked up yesterday, and I was in a window called "Euphemism". So I excitedly said "I'm a euphemism?" only to be told I'm one of many. But still, it's better than being a dysphemism...on second thought, maybe it's not.


Philip H. said...

ALrighty then . . . but what are you a euphemism for? I'm trying to work that one out, but Goddess really doesn't capture it . . . .

Unknown said...

So, you wanna get together and, you know, Debi? Come on! Whaddayasay?