Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can I buy Europe on pump 4?

Glitch hits Visa users with $23 quadrillion charge

Go. Read this for yourself.

Did you go read it? What are you waiting for. I'll wait here.

Ok, good. I have some thoughts.
  • He racked up this total buying cigarettes. The surgeon general says they're bad for your heart...she just didn't think it would induce cardiac arrest with the price tag.
  • It's a freakin' pre-paid debit card. How much debt can you get into with a Pre. Paid. Debit. Card.
  • They kept him on hold for 2 hours and then graciously said they'd reverse the charge AND the overdraft fee? Mighty compassionate of them. Send them the rehabilitation bill.
  • How quickly do you think he smoked that really expensive pack of cigarettes waiting for Visa to screw with him?
  • What comes after the American Express Super Secret Uranium-238 Card? Wait, I know the answer to that one. It's The Plum Card. I know when I think about how to market to businesses in this adverse economic climate, my thoughts turn to fruit.
On the other hand, it's one way to pay back all that bail-out money we gave to the banks!

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