Monday, September 14, 2009

Next time your coccyx hurts, consider therapy

As you may be aware, my coccyx hurts. It's been hurting for quite a while now. I've tried the hemorrhoid doughnut, the tush-cush (Ten Days to a Tighter, Younger Sphincter), a new chair...the only things that work are my leather couch and my exercise ball.

When we discussing my pain-in-the-ass, I asked if my chiropractor knew that apparently you can have the coccyx removed. He said yes, but that it was very difficult to find an orthopedic surgeon to do it. He then gave me a 45-second disclaimer about not wanting me to think his next statement had anything to do with me. He said that most orthopedic surgeons wouldn't touch the tailbone because coccyx pain has a high correlation with mental disturbances and mental illness. Yeah, let THAT one sink in.

Thinking in retrospect that he might be meshugenah, I just found this on the web. Huh. So all I need for my PITA to disappear is up my medication? Who knew?

So, next time your coccyx hurts, look into some Prozac.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, therapist, or chiropractor, nor do I now or have I ever played on on TV, stage or radio. Never base medical decisions on Debi's ramblings. If you consider doing this, seek therapy.


dlm said...


You even dispense Yiddish!

Love the attention to detail!

Anonymous said...

I once sat down on my coccyx - really hard - during a dance class in a garage. The garage had a cement floor. I was supposed to squat right down then elegantly tuck my butt in and roll backwards. Maybe my butt was too big. There was this big CRICK! sound and everyone stopped to look at me. It was one of those delightful teenage moments when you just want lightning to strike you down there and then and end your humiliation.

Never been able to slouch at a certain angle ever since then.