Monday, October 19, 2009

This president believes in global warming, as well as evolution

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Announcement (for Diplomatically Impaired) on YouTube

Those of you at "work" will have to watch this one from home (or through a Proxy), but it's totally worth it. A friend of mine on Facebook posted this link which has the announcement of Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with hilarious subtitles. I was planning to drag my weary ass off to bed without an entry tonight, but the above phrase aborted THAT plan.

Now I am one of those seemingly rare, educated, critically-thinking, bleeding-heart-liberal religious types. I swear, I eat non-kosher meat, and I don't claim to believe in G-d on a daily basis, but I believe in religion and am in awe of those more religious than myself. (There are actually a lot of us, but it doesn't seem like it here in the crunchy-granola Pacific Northwest). I also believe in global warming and evolution and the big bang and that the earth is more than 5770 years old (6000? It's OUR friggin' calendar, and the world is only 5770 years old damn it!) I don't exactly disrespect those who don't believe it...I just REALLY don't understand them. I have a great deal of trouble respecting them when they try to make policy that negatively affects the rest of the world based on those beliefs.

Among other useful translations:
    Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's hope while selling so many t-shirts.
    Those who are to lead the world do not have to be dicks about it to the majority of the world's population

The gentleman ends appropriately by saying:
    You can now shit yourselves.
I actually think that one is mis-translated. I think it translates as "You MAY now shit yourselves", but no one would accuse me of being a diplomat.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post!

Lots of love,

Fellow-liberal, dangerously open-minded, dog-loving FERNER.


Steve Rosenbach said...

Hey Deb!

I used to be a liberal, but I'm recovered now ;-)

BTW, speaking of our calendar, did you know that the convention of using Hebrew letters to express dates leaves out the frikin' *millenium!*

So when we write 5770 in Hebrew, it's really "'770.", kind of like "I was born in '50"

So you know what that means... in less than 230 years, we'll going to face the Y6K crisis... and all of our tombstones won't work anymore!

Best regards,