Monday, November 02, 2009

You are a fluvial geomorphologist, aren't you?

Discussion with Miss BittyCrazy sparked by this posting

As anyone who reads Miss BittyCrazy's blog knows, she was laid off from the Evil Empire in the not-too-distant past. As a project manager myself, I'm currently working for a PM Certificate so I can get a PM Certification. I don't think they're very meaningful, these certifications, but people who hire PMs do. Anyway, I wandered over to the Project Management Institute and clicked through to their job listings. None of the Washington listings are for PMs.

But I think PM is too narrow. I think all our hard work QUALIFIES us for fluvial geomorphology. And since she can't even TRANSLATE fluvial geomorphology, I think Miss BittyCrazy is certainly as qualified as 99.99% of the population.

Of course, this lead DIRECTLY to a conversation about her thought that it sounds like someone who would be boring at parties. And as a Marine Chemistry major, I pointed out that the interdisciplinary folks tend to be more interesting than the pure scientists. Based on nothing in particular. Except maybe the facts that (a) I was one and (b)I hung out with Georgia Tech engineers. So there you go, conjecture, innuendo, and completely unsupported supposition. Happy Monday Morning.


Anonymous said...

What I didn't tell you was that a Fluvial Geomorphologist also sounded to me like a particular fetish where a large, bearded, hairy man likes to dress up as a woman, lie in a bath, and be peed on.


Debineezer said...

Um, Miss BittyCrazy OBVIOUSLY needs to get out more in real shoes.

Unknown said...

My Google 'fluvial geomorphology' alert sent me to your wildly slanderous post. Well, we aren't boring at parties and certainly don't do that other nasty stuff (!!) you mentioned. I would definitely recommend some time outside in real shoes. You can see what fluvial geomorphologists really do at

Anonymous said...

Mmm mmm mmm, Steve.

Such passion!

If I were still single, I'd tell you could you could geomorph my fluvial anytime!