Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't save a prayer for me it til the morning after.

Source: Save a Prayer, Duran Duran
Every female who listened to the radio in the 80s knows Duran Duran. Ok, probably most of the males to, though I don't think most of them had a favorite member of the band. Mine? Ok, truthfully, hard pick between Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes. Nick had MUCH better makeup. Duran Duran was part of what made MTV great. MTV was a lot of what Duran Duran great. Save a Prayer's video featured an elephant which peed on John Taylor, but that part didn't make it into the video.

I'm in the process of tagging and organizing all ~15,000 of our MP3s and listened to this yesterday. With an ear 26 years later, damn they were pretty good even if most of their songs sounded vaguely alike. And this one? Well, it's the morning after.

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