Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's nice out there, like summer in Scandinavia!

Source: Comment on Seattle's summer
I don't complain much about Seattle's weather. I can live with mostly cloudy, mostly rainy, most of the time. As long as I get the occasional sunbreak, I'm a happy camper. A LEEETLE variety is all I ask. The occasional warm day in the winter, the occasional cool day in a warm summer.

Let me tell you what taunts happy fun ball. Not breaking 50 degrees for several days in a row. In June. Having to run a fire because it's so cold in the house. In June. Not being able to plant my damned tomatoes because of the aforementioned temperatures. In June. Not being able to test my wonderful new self-watering planter barrels because it's pissing down rain. In June. Ok, that's not unusual, but I gotta tell you that on top of everything else, it feels like a meteorologic conspiracy. In June.

We're supposed to get a HEAT started today with a bit of sunshine and we're supposed to see...wait for it. No serious, we're supposed to 70 DEGREES this weekend. It will be a cavalcade of bluish-white bodies on every piece of grass in Seattle. Talk about needing sunglasses.

Anyway, I like Seattle's weather. But this year, the winter was the tiniest smidge too cold for a bit too long. In June.

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