Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clay Bonbons and Blue Moroccans

IT IS DONE! THE KITCHEN IS DONE! After more than two weeks of work (I wasn't here for one), the painting is complete. We used Mythic paint, which rocks. Mike chose the colors. Honestly. Bonbon Blue with Moroccan Clay trim. Yes, AND it even matches an old Starbucks bowl of mine from MANY years ago.

It is beautiful, fabulous, wonderful perfection. It's even got stuff back in it. Not everything, but we've got part of the living room back. And in theory, we can stop eating take out. Especially since that paint was bloody expensive. And the new sander. And the tape. And the new hinges. And this. And that...

Coming soon, the Casa de Carne Kitchen Warming!


nunya bidness said...

when is said Casa de Carne kitchen warming? I'm hungry!

and come on, no pictures of the new look?

Debineezer said...

Ah, see how The Bastard Neil teases. See, The Bastard Neil isn't coming back to the Casa de Carne area, but he doesn't want to tell anyone.

I just ordered a digital camera from Amazon last night. As soon as it come in, there will be pictures.