Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Even mental illness sounds better in French

>Source: Final Jeopardy, Linda Fairstein
Ah, I just LURVE the exquisite drama!! Except that I really have none. I'm perky, I have a new camera (which means pictures of the new kitchen will be forthcoming tonight dear Bastard), and Mike got an unexpected bonus check.

Of course, I went to buy an MP3 player yesterday and I'm extremely disappointed in the ZUNE. It's got a far superior hardware interface in my opinion. Easy to navigate, FM tuner, wireless. The screen is twice the size of the iPod classic and it's the same price as the comparable size iPod. But you can only access it through the ZUNE software (which is not the case with iPod and iTunes contrary to popular opinion). ZUNE software? The most unfathomably craptastic music interface since Windows Media 0.1. And MS has gone pretty damned far out of it's way to lock down any workaround hacks that makes it less horrifying. Anyone in Redmond wondering why the iPod is still dominating the market??

Perky, perky Debi. Run away.

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