Thursday, November 13, 2008

That's one talented tallywhacker

It would seem that a gentleman named Daniel Shilts in Sheboygan was arrested for driving "OWI" (which seems to Wisconsin's equivalent to "you drank too much and got into your car, dumb ass"). After failing the field sobriety test, I assume he was cuffed, his car impounded and the nice officer started to drive him off to jail. Here's where it gets hinky.

Somehow, Mr. Shilts managed to urinate in the back of the patrol car. Well, that's not hard, right? True, but he ALSO managed to urinate on the back of the officers head. Yep, you read that right. So, either the officer was not smart enough to cuff the perp behind his back (in which case, he might have deserved cranial urination) or Mr. Shilts should have women lined up for the rest of his natural life. A penis that talented does not come along every day.

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