Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Macho Man! I'll take that knife and shove it up your ass!

Richard Pryor in Live in Concert

A few years ago during one of our Porky's and Prime Rib parties on Christmas Eve, I rented Richard Pryor's Live in Concert DVD (or hell, maybe it was even VHS). He'd just passed away, and it seemed like a good call.

Turns out I must have watched that to the point of memorization on HBO as a kid. A lot of the stuff I'd attributed to Eddie Murphy in my memory was Richard Pryor.

He got to this one bit about being on a date and getting mugged. When this line came up, I sang along with it. Everyone in the room stopped, turned around and just busted out laughing. Honestly, this line has run through my head for 25 years.

Richard Pryor was a real comic genius. He's next on my list to rent.

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