Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whenever you see the word "challenge," that usually means "unmitigated fucking disaster"

The source of this shall remain anonymous, only because some of you know what this was in response to. Yes, ladies and gents, it's another CHALLENGING week.

I have a great story from the hubby's work place. He works in a lovely warehouse where the living is easy and he's the most loved and valued employee in the place. Seems that no one has been able to find any of the big-honking-would-cause-brain-damage-if-applied-to-the-head type staplers. Anywhere. One of Mike's coworkers went looking for them yesterday and was told that "so-and-so" just throws them out when they're empty. That's right ladies and gentlemen. Throws out the staplers when they are empty. Apparently, no brain to damage here.

Mike started out the story with "did I tell you about the staplers in the morning meeting?" So, he got back to that. We were in the car and I said "Tell me they did NOT demonstrate how to refill a stapler." Well, it seems that not ONLY was there a detailed demonstration, there were handouts. Illustrated handouts. And the supervisor (somewhat righteously I might argue) said "Anyone caught throwing away a stapler will be fired on the spot." I'm thinking they might have a case for disability.


Anonymous said...

If I ever need it, I hope they'll be hiring. I could happily be a rockstar there.

Philip H. said...

Ah yes, Mike's coworkers . . . . such a lovely bunch. You'd think Accounting would have caught on to this years ago - what with the cost of staplers and so forth.