Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm not crapping in a bowl until you admit it was a pimple!

Source:Joshua Malina on recent episode of Grey's Anatomy

So before I get to that, this picture is from one of the finest movie scenes of all time, from that fine college classic, Animal House. After grabbing about 3 times what can fit on his tray in the cafeteria line, Bluto, played by the BRILLIANT John Belushi, sits down and asks the fine women his fraternity brothers are trying to hit on to guess what he is imitating. As he places an entire egg in his mouth, punches his cheeks spewing every where, he says "A zit. Get it? I'm a zit." A food fight ensues. Good times.

Anyway, on Grey's, Josh Malina's hypochondriac wife apparently killed every good and bad bacterium in her body by taking high powered antibiotics procured from the web for a "staph infection" that was diagnosed by her dermatologist as a pimple. Now, she's got to have a fecal transplant. That's right, ladies and gents...they didn't make that shit up. Har har har. To force his wife to admit she's a hypochondriac, he refuses to give up his feces with this line as he storms out of the room.

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