Thursday, February 05, 2009 friends don't care how fascinating I think I am?

Comment on a Gawker article

If you hang out on Facebook at all, you've certainly seen the "25 Random Things" thread that went around. Lots of people did it. Steven passed it to me. On it went. Basically, you just typed 25 random facts about yourself and passed it on. Self-absorbtion? I dunno. If I'd had to pare down my list of 100 "fascinating" trivia to JUST 25, perhaps you could say so, but I did have a bit of trouble coming up with 25. Toward the end, I came up with a few that went together and had to edit.

Hell, it wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of being more interested in myself than those around me. It only just occurred to me that I'm more interested in my own entertainment than anyone else, so perhaps it follows.

Anyway, I like it when people find me fascinating. I love it when I make people laugh. I love it when I make people think. It's by far not my only interest and I do bore even myself from time to time. I like it just as much when people do the same for me.

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