Thursday, February 19, 2009

Peat moss is the new fun fur

Source: Kirsten on the mess that is the photo to the left

Regardless of Neil's belief in my claims, I climbed off the crazy train that is celebrity addiction on the day that Heath Ledger died. Not because Heath Ledger died, but because that was the day that Paris Hilton defended Britney's parenting skills. My head exploded and as a result, I no longer troll the gossip pages. I very seldom take a look at the who wore what and how bad was it sites. Hell, aside from Twilight, I barely know what's playing unless we've seen a preview on a DVD.

So, I don't know how I came across this calamity, but as Debo would say? DAYUM. DOUBLE DAYUM with a side of um? Huh???

Madonna? Love her, hate her, she's her own bird. She's got inner thighs you can put an eye out with. She's got more money than Saudi Arabia. She took on PepsiCo and didn't come away with major scalp burns. But here is my take on this photo AND what I said when I sent the picture to an email list:
    Subject: Holy Mary Mother of God...Um, Erm, Madonna...
    OH MY F***ING GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WOMAN??? Does Divorce #2 really have you drinking THAT much???
    What is that, fishnets with a hula skirt for a shirt? What??
    Seriously, what?

If only all celebrity drivel were this funny, perhaps I'd re-up my addiction. Sorry you asked for non-Big Bang material, Dana?


Anonymous said...

She took on PepsiCo and didn't come away with major scalp burns.

I'd bet divorce #2 probably *does* have her drinking that much.

dlm said...

It'll take one strategically placed "People" magazine and that hook will be sunk even deeper than the first time!
You can't get away.