Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If you’re ever short, there’s always a couple of fifties in Green Lantern’s ass

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon's not using his money, so he lends it to Penny. My guilt ensues. Penny hands it back to Sheldon who goes to put it back in his secret "Can o' Nuts" with the snakes. Money comes flying out in front of all roommates. Sheldon announces that all money has been moved from previous spot. Of course, Leonard reveals the super secret "back-up" location as soon as Sheldon leaves the room. Sheldon, you're so damned clueless. Of course, Sheldon pays Leonard back a few episodes later by convincing Leonard's mom do Karaoke. AHHHHHHHH!

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dlm said...

I like BBT too but you need more variety!!