Monday, March 02, 2009

He burped the Body of Christ for a week

Fool by Christopher Moore

Ok, I actually READ King Lear in high school...well, sorta. I started to and then reasoned that Shakespeare was not meant to be read, but watched. So, I rented it. I had to follow along with the book because man that shit it hard to understand. Obviously I forgot all of it. I have NO EARTHLY IDEA how closely fool follows the actual story of King Lear, but I vote we replace Shakespeare with Chris Moore in schools.

This refers to the time when the protagonist's dimwitted protege gets stuck in a Church and gets hungry. Apparently, all of the sacramental wafers and wine disappear.

Get thee to the booksellery and purchase your copy. Or come over an borrow mine.


Philip H. said...

A book sellery? The first thing I thoguht of when reading that (hlaf out loud as I often do) was . . . well . . . . celery. Which then led me to bloody marry's, which then led me to conclude I might need one or two to actually read King Lear. Chris Moore, on the other hand, strikes me as a bee read.

Debineezer said...

Do you also spell out loud? A bee read?

Philip H. said...

um . . no, I don't spell - outloud or other wise. You should know that by now. it was supposed to be BEER read anyway.

And, my quote of the week:
"In my defense, by the time I got back you had lost interest in yourself." Gary to his ex-wife, who was trying to rip him one by pointing out that he had once asked her to "keep it going" during sex so he could go get a beer.