Monday, March 02, 2009

I don’t want to spend a lot of time confusing them

Comment made to boss that may have induced soiling

You ever have one of those freak occurrences that was a bit convoluted? You're not sure why someone is bitching or even who they are? It took a while to straighten out, it wasn't entirely clear who was "responsible" for said straightening, and it's not even clear who should communicate and who needs to know? See, I've already spent too much time confusing you, haven't I?

So, you fix it, you tell people about it, and you may have even confused them. You could tell everyone who MIGHT see it again in the REMOTE chance it COULD happen again? But that would be even more time spent confusing them. And that would only compound the time you would then have to spend unconfusing them.

So, as my boss was making me repeat myself to induce even MORE laughter at my comment, he pointed out that indeed, confusing people should always be done in the most efficient way possible. He's all about the efficiency, at least on his dime. And I'm all about keeping him happy, when it amuses me.

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