Thursday, March 12, 2009

How bad does a drug deal have to go to leave the drugs behind?


There's a problem with the way Mike and I watch TV shows. I blame him, but he's used to it. When we find one we like, he records them all. I mean he finds them on syndication and between the 4 or 5 channels that typically air shows, he's got them all in no time.

Then we watch them. All. One after the other. We went through 5 seasons of NCIS in a couple of months. Then? It's down to once a week or less. Which SUCKS ASS. Because you've gotten used to see the show every night or so. Some nights? When you're LAZY AS SHIT? Yeah, let's be honest, 2 or 3 episodes.

We're not any different than other couch potatoes. We just don't watch anything that's not on TIVO. And it would seem the only compulsion my husband has is for making sure he has every episode of a show. He watched 1 episode of Angel before putting on a season pass. Now he has them all and he's watched TWO EPISODES.

I've put my foot down on the no more shows thing. Sadly, he pried it up and put Bones underneath it. But that's it, damn it.
    The Big Bang Theory
    Grey's Anatomy
    Private Practice
    Eleventh Hour
    Nip/Tuck (but only really in marathon format)

But yeah we're watching all the old episodes of Bones, then we're part way through Season 6 of The West Wing...then there's the rest of the latest season of Nip/Tuck to catch up on. Thankfully summer's almost here. We don't watch nearly as much during the summer. If I have to take a sledgehammer to the TIVO, we're not watching nearly as much this summer.

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