Monday, March 30, 2009

Shiny Poo Soufflé

Yet another reason Cupcake Cakes are a bad thing according to Cakewrecks Blog

Yes, I woke up to a Shiny Poo Soufflé. Discover a bug in an update? Don't call the project manager to say "Hey, we've got a bug here and perhaps you might want to investigate before we install this to all 400 of our sites". Send a message to everyone saying the person who is out sick screwed up a major site and by the way, don't run that update because it's causing more work for the people in the office. Huh. Hadn't thought of that one. Meanwhile, the project manager is getting a slow start to her Monday with NO FRIGGING IDEA that there's Shiny Poo Soufflé potentially hitting the rotating air moving machine.

Turns out there's no major problem. One major site got affected with something we shouldn't have done. Sucks, but not NEARLY as much as it could have. I typically prefer human error to coding errors.

On the VERY bright side, lots of projects done over the weekend, a bed and a second bed frame vacated the premises today and Mom gets in tomorrow night for 3 weeks. Down side? I have NO idea what my next screen name should be.

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