Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Snarky Sarky

One of the three types of workplace curmudgeon defined by ittybittycrazy

Ittybittycrazy doesn't know me. She's never worked with me. But she's defined everything I have ever wanted to be in the workplace, and hell, in life.

I post this for ya'll who read from work:
    Generally sarcastic, ironic and witty, this person can be a joy to be around. They cut through the BS, expose what is really going on and manage to couch in all in terms that are simultaneously frightening in that they reveal the truth and yet reassuring in that they are absolutely hilarious. This beast is rare and should be kept close as they allow you to maintain perspective and engage in real belly laughs, something that needs to happen a lot more in the office environment.
    Example: Dr Cox from Scrubs, Sesame Street's Statler and Waldorf
    Strategy: Embrace

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