Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is my daughter for whom I would gladly return to prison

Quote from First Crush

My first crush and his lovely wife had a baby yesterday. In honor of that, I sent him a quote that I'd seen on Facebook:
    Guns dont kill people Daddies with pretty Daughters Do
He sent me this in return. But not before he sent me the news that little Penelope had joined the world:
    Mum and bub are beautiful and healthy. Dad is healthy
It's fun having long lost folks back in your life. Between Facebook and Google, I've found just about everyone I ever wondered about. There's a few folks I've still not "found". Chris Thornton for instance (in case he ever ego-surfs). Heather Harris for another, though I think I can find out about her through my sister-in-law. Six degrees and all. Oh! And Dan Watola who first dubbed me Debineezer.

Anyway, I have lots of things collected up from all these weeks of silence. I'll get 'em in here soon.


Anonymous said...

Ok Robson...you found me. Try me on Linked In again. DW

Debineezer said...

Hey DW, it won't let me because of your settings.