Sunday, September 21, 2008

Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

Source: Bumper sticker spied last week
Since my AMAZING FRIGGIN' BLACKBERRY has no camera, I had to call The Bastard Neil to tell him about this one. He is apparently unimpressed as he has not replied. Chris is similarly unimpressed. As is Mike. What the heck? These people obviously know no better.

I'm sick. I have a headache and intermittant body aches and whilst my sore throat is better, suffice to say it's not fully healed. Damn it. I was planning on this being a 24 hour bug...we're entering hour, what, um, let's see...Thursday night and it's Sunday morning...ah, hell, I don't feel well enough to do the math. Did I mention that I don't feel good?

Update: "Come DO the Dark Side was funnier." Especially if you consider the Cookie Monster, a drunk Uncle and a mechanical bull. Maybe in the Bastard's apartment. DAMN I need some therapy now.


Philip H. said...

Luke, I am your baker. Search your feelings, you know this to be gingerbread. Join me, and together we will rule the crullers!

nunya bidness said...

Two things:

1. I was wondering who left that message... the sound quality was so poor that I couldn't tell who the hell was talking, let alone most of what you were saying. Something about cookies.

2. Also - "Come DO the Dark Side"? Are these metaphorical cookies? Channeling Drunk Uncle?

Debineezer said...

2. Well, I have no full-time pedantic bastards to be my editor, but now it's fixed. And yes, I channel Drunk Uncles for you.

1. Um, don't you have my number programed into your phone so you could see the missed call? Or am I no longer special enough?

nunya bidness said...

Phone off = no missed call logged. Unbunch yerself.

Debineezer said...

Bunch? Over someone who won't return to the state for my cooking and pricey booze? You're right, I'm crushed. Crying in my pillow every night. Dreaming of the day you'll return to me and mock me in person. It's good to have such a high opinion of yourself. Someone has to.